DHB-Maschinenbau GmbH

The Company

DHB-Maschinenbau GmbH is an independent German private company with comprehensive know-how in the production of recycling machines, especially in the planning, construction, design and production of shredding machines and briquetting presses. All our machines are constructed and produced in the best and highest quality according to the latest technical standards and knowledge.

For DHB-Maschinenbau GmbH the customer with his demands for the product stands in the focus. Due to the rising demands for optimum results, a constant dialogue with the customer is our way to find the best and most efficient solution for the machines and systems.

In this sense our products are developed constantly to adapt to the customer requirements in an optimum manner.



A consultation by employees with long-standing experience in the range of shredding machines, briquetting presses and planning of recycling systems allows a machine design optimized for the customer.




After the purchase, DHB-Maschinenbau GmbH offers an excellent customer care. A good and quick support in case of questions and possible problems as well as an experienced customer service and a quick spare part supply guarantee for every customer the operation of his system with the highest efficiency.

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