Nardi International s.r.l .

Nardi was born in 1974, represents one of the leading producers of kiln dryers. A safe and reliable point of reference for operators in the lumber sector who require a highly qualified supplier that can always offer top performance and complete sevice.
Nardi distributes its products in over 90 countries worldwide. Its well-equipped support and service structures are available in the five continents.
Nardi's dedication and know-how have inspired important pubblications on lumber drying methods, very useful instruments for operators, whose influential contents have even attracted the notice of universities and the world of research.
Nardi has set up a structure based on sophisticated computerised equipment and an electronic long-distance service system that enables the head office to carry out immediate tests on systems installed anywhere in the world.
All the testing procedures are performed following highly professional and accurate methods. 
The structures are submitted to exhaustive tests, with simulation processes for the selection of increasingly reliable components.

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