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The air separator or cleaning system is a suitable equipment able to "separate" the different materials on the basis of their specific gravity. Its function is to share the usuable materials that can be recycled from the dust or particles present.

Technical features

This equipment is formed by a chamber in the shape of bottle, with narrow inlet and outlet and a widen section in the centre. Normally it is placed at the settling cyclones' discharge.
The materials that need to be shared are put inside from the top by fall down from the cyclone; then accrossing the separator, they find a fan activated by a low velocity moto-reducer, which creates a mix of the material. On the upper cone it is foreseen an aspiration outlet connected  to an aspiration fan with turns' variance. The air flows upstream from the bottom toward the aspiration outlet,  dragging the particles of dust and the scraps with a low specific gravity, while the recycling materials fall down toward suitable collection systems.

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