Информация о компании

Changzhou shi tian hong ye machinery co., LTD
Информация о компании
название компании

Changzhou shi tian hong ye machinery co., LTD

China, Changzhou
Huangshan Road, New District, 558
+86 0519-85130391

Changzhou City Tiancheng Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production, sales and service in an integrated manufacturer of diesel engines and spare parts. Founded in March 2006, the predecessor company was founded in 2002 in the diesel engine and accessories manufacturers - Changzhou Walsall agricultural sales operation. March 2006, in order to meet the business needs of globalization, better service for new and old customers at home and abroad, renamed "Changzhou Tiancheng Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd.", and self-agent types of goods and technology import and export business.

       The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta, has a "township diesel," said the industrial and tourist city - Changzhou Xinbei. Around the Yangtze River Trade Center, several industries Jiangnan City Hardware Electrical, mechanical and electrical markets Dragon agricultural park facilities. At the same time near the Shangri-La Hotel, transit Phoenix Hotel, Jinjiang International Hotel and China Dinosaur Park resort, north of the junction of the new highway from Shanghai and Nanjing city are in the city about 150 km; just over 20 minutes away from Changzhou Airport, from the Yangtze River port is only a few kilometers.

       The company from its inception, has been focused on "diesel" "diesel engine parts," "tractor parts" of the production, research and service, there's self-developed "often Jinbao" Diesel brand and "Venus crank" "Venus camshaft - balance shaft "" Yixing (cattle brand) crank, "" BestBath link "" Ling workers head "," Li Yang piston "" Qili piston "" fly on the bush, "" Hang Yuan piston "" Zhenjiang valve "more Main accessories brand. The company is also a single from 2002 for the domestic market are sold in more developed countries to Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ecuador, Malaysia, the Philippines and South America, is a focus on agricultural machinery, diesel engine industry international company.

       The company has a number of senior technical and management personnel, the company will continue to be: "Production of the most popular products" as Tiancheng Hongye a consistent philosophy. In the future path of development, the actual situation of the company will population growth and food self-sufficiency issues, the use of service experience and advanced marketing companies in technology, management, and financial aspects of advantages to provide high-performance, high-quality, cost-effective Agricultural machinery responsibility, continuous improvement, best meet the needs of the majority of users friends for agricultural mechanization and modernization of agriculture to contribute to China. Company staff will be happy to forge rise, to provide high quality products, ensuring customers can conveniently friends safely for production and business activities.

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