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Полное наименование: CO.MA.FER MACCHINE SpA (COMAFER)
Родина брэнда: Италия
Адрес головного офиса: , () Италия
www: www.comafer.it

COMAFER MACCHINE S.p.A. Quality has always been considered a key element of its strategy and promotes its commitment to all levels of the organization.

For this reason, in 1999, the company relies on the most prestigious partner "SGS" the Quality Management System complying with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 so as to obtain the coveted certification.

The never-ending research in quality plans and implements the activities, the training and updating of the entire staff according to objectives and targets defined and measurable for the appropriate levels of the organization.

It establishes the following priorities: • Check the suppliers to maintain a good quality and delivery level according to the demands • Keep the machine assembly time by the set values • Guarantee the best quality in all components in order to achieve reliability, added value and durability.

Basing the decisions on the analysis of data and information CO.MA.FER. MACCHINE promotes a methodological approach focused on gathering the systematic data and their detailed analysis, planning corrective actions and improvements inside the organization. The Quality Policy is regularly reviewed and revised when necessary to encourage its diffusion and understanding.

Aware of its role of leadership it supports the commitment to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System and continually improve its effectiveness.

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