Wemhöner Surface Technologies 
GmbH and Co. KG

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Полное наименование: Wemhöner Surface Technologies 
GmbH and Co. KG
Родина брэнда: Германия
Адрес головного офиса: Planckstraße 7, (Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW)) 32052 Herford Германия
www: https://www.wemhoener.de/
Info: Innovative technology leader. That is who we are. Worldwide.

Wemhöner produces machines and systems for upgrading of wood based panels. Our product portfolio ranges from short-cycle press systems to 3D membrane and vacuum pressing lines. Our product range includes digital and direct printing systems, lacquering lines, lightweight panel systems, throughfeed press lines, special plants and special press lines. Wemhöner is the world leader for short-cycle press lines and 3D VARIOPRESS® equipment. We place great emphasis on jointly formulating innovative processes. In the Wemhöner centre for research and development our engineers are conducting experiments in close cooperation with our customers, leading universities and world-class suppliers. This enables us to significantly contribute to the development of technological trends and developments. Our innovations are distinguished by the numerous patents they carry.

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